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Clearing and Balancing the Chakras (Part 3)

Techniques for Clearing & Balancing The Chakras

Once you know the Chakras you want to clear and balance (or you may wish to just do a quick clearing and balancing on all of them), you can move towards employing one of the below techniques. If you have a technique of your own, feel free to share and write us about it at

Lori's Methods:
Ways to clear and balance:
  1. Lie down and focus your thoughts and energy one chakras at a time. Imagine a shape of a funnel moving in a circular motion counterclockwise. Imagine the colour of the chakra in the funnel. Visualize this until you can’t any longer. Then move onto to the next chakra and repeat the same process. Continue until you have gone through all the chakras.
  2. Using stones, place a stone from your root chakra on your root chakra. Mentally direct the stone to correct any imbalances. When you feel the chakra is balanced, sometimes this can be associated with feeling restless, then remove the stone and repeat for all other chakras.
  3. Using your hand or an amega wand create a circular shape at each charka at least five times. Have the intention to clear and balance the chakra. If you feel the urge to do more circle trust your intuition and do more to clear that chakra. Repeat individually at each chakra.

Mandy's Methods

1. EFT: I find the best method for people to use to clear their chakras, especially if they don't feel overly psychic or skilled as a healer, is simply to use EFT. I learned about how to use EFT to clear chakras from a wonderful course called "Awakening The Light Body" by Melissa Dormoy.  For my blog with a script on how to use EFT to clear the energy field and chakras is here >>. A video is below (refresh page if video doesn't load):

EFT to clear the Chakras

Whispers From Spirit Radio | MySpace Video

2. Pendulum: A second technique I learned was using a pendulum and as Lori describes the wand above you can put the wand on a string or dental floss and use it as the pendulum over the chakras or you can simply use a regular pendulum. I get most of my pendulums on ebay and they are less than 20$ each and also some beautiful ones with reiki symbols on them, I found here >>

Some chakras are difficult to clear spinning the pendulum over them, so I usually simply use a pillow and imagine that is my body. I would place the pendulum over the crown charka for example (via intention using the pillow or you dont even need the pillow) and spin it clockwise or counterclockwise, there are people who will say the direction matters but i think it is more the intention, and I will state my intention that my crown chakra be cleared, balanced and healed of all energetic defects, that it is spinning the right direction, right color and speed. I ask my energy body to give me a signal through the pendulum when this process is complete by giving me a nod (the pendulum will start swinging forwards and backwards instead of in a circle).  Then, I move to the next chakra. One can also use muscle testing to check percentages for what is cleared. Before even doing this process it is always good to use the pendulum in the same manner to first ask that one be clear and connected to source and clear of any interference, spinning the pendulum and asking your energy or source to let you know when the clearing and connecting process is complete.

Recommended Books On Chakras and Chakra Healing

Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith

Chakra Balancing: A Guide to Healing & Awakening Your Energy Body by Anodea Judith

Change Your Aura, Change Your Life: The Complete Meditation Guide by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

The Chakra Energy Cards, The Book and Card Set by Walter Luebeck

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