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Clearing and Balancing the Chakras (Part 2)

Using Energy Techniques To Detect Chakra Imbalances

Lori Kay's Method for detecting Chakra Imbalances:
  1. First and foremost trust yourself and your intuition. If it you feel balanced you probably are.
  2. Using your hands place them together like you are clapping now gently pull them apart about an inch or two. Try to fell the energy, play with this until you feel confident that you can feel the energy. Once you can, think about each chakra individually and allow you hands to move a part from each other that will measure your chakras. All chakras should measure approximately the same. If one is measuring smaller then is being stiffed or there is a block. If it measure to big then it is out of balance and needs to be brought into alignment with the others. You might want to use this method before and after a clearing or balancing to ensure everything is in alignment   

    Mandy's Suggestions and Tips detecting Chakra Imbalance:

    Some of the below suggestions, other than muscle testing, were techniques I learned about from an amazing course called "Chios Energy Field Healing". I wasnt crazy about the attunements but the course manuals (which are free right now to download) offered an abundance of tips and information on both the chakras system, its potential defects, conditions of the energy field in general and how to treat it.
    1. Muscle Testing (aka Applied Kinesiology): It is often effective if you need quick answers and you don't feel as "psychic" in other ways. You can also detect things you might miss using intution if running through the list of imbalancess and states and testing for each one. It is also effective for detecting what is called "psychological reversal" (unconscious behavior patterns/beliefs which cause self-sabotage), which might block a person from overcoming a particular problem. See here for "how-to's" of two muscle testing methods further down this blog.
    2. Physical sensing using the hands (called "passing-of-hands"): This is where you run your hands over a persons body (not on it but slightly above it) and physically sense the energy with your hands, feeling where the energy dips or peaks or differs in texture or vibration or temperature. Sometimes the hands will start to itch, heat up, cool down or experience pains over certain positions or chakras, sometimes things are picked up empathically through the entire body while the hands are over a certain part of the body. More Information >>
    3. Sensing the condition of the aura and chakras through the reception of psychic information and guidance: This is done by rather than looking at the body, one forms an outline of the body in one's minds eye and then let go of the thinking mind and allow intuitive information and images to come to surface upon that outline without blocking it with the thinking mind. More information and techniques how too >>
    4. Viewing the aura: seeing the aura for yourself which most people can do if they teach themselves to and consciously acknowledge its presence. More Information >>
    5. Chakra Cards: I've used Walter Luebecks Chakra Cards  and also created my own EFT deck with chakra features which can be found online here>>

     A few things you can see if you can detect or muscle test for:
    • Blocked Chakras - places where energy flow through a chakra becomes blocked or restricted and which can affect the energy flow in the entire body. They usually coincide with psychological issues...certain self-defense mechanism, beliefs or biases a person has adopted in their relationship to reality
    • Undercharged Chakras: Will appear faded and are not operating in a strong, healthy and pure manner.  More information >>
    • Structural Energetic Defects: defects in the structure of the chakra and it's ability to process energy. "This sort of defect is not a lack of quantity or lack of purity in the basic native energy of the chakra (as in an undercharged chakra), nor is it a basic over- or under-activity of the chakra as it “runs” (as in an unbalanced chakra)". More information >>
    • Unbalanced Chakras: Over-active and Under-active chakras which the issue is if the chakra is transmuting too much or too little of the energy. "This defect is not a lack nor purity of the native energy content of the chakra (as in an undercharged chakra), but is an incorrect level of activation—an overall activity level of the chakra which is not equal to and in balance with the other chakras in the chakra system." More information >> has amazing downloadable manuals for learning how to view and treat the chakras, layers of the energy field and other energy field issues. You do not have to buy the course if you just simply want to use the information from the manuals.

    Muscle Testing Methods

    Standing Muscle Testing:

    • Step 1: Ensure that you are fully hydrated and are not hungry. Have a glass of water and eat something if you feel your blood sugar is low.
    • Step 2: If you believe in God, Creator or Higher Self, you may wish to do your own prayer or invocation to ask to be connected, such as "The creator and I are One"
    • Step 3: While not necessary, some resources offer that standing facing north with your knees slightly bent gives the best result. However, I find just using intention to be clear while facing any direction can be just as good.
    • Step 4: Make an intention to yourself that your body will lean forward to indicated a yes response and lean backward to indicate a no response. Try to keep your ego out of the way by maintaining a neutral frame of mind towards the answer. To check to see if your muscle testing is accurate, first start with your name. Say "my name is {your name}. Let go of your body and mind a little and see if it leans forward for yes. Then trying saying out loud "my name is {fill in some other name that is not your name}" , let your body and mind go a little and see if your body begins leaning backward for no. If the answer is not accurate, ensure you are thoroughly hydrated, try some of the energy correction techniques further down below and repeat the steps above.
    • Step 5: If clear, start asking the questions you wish to ask using the muscle testing. If you are unsure of an answer, try asking; "Is this the correct answer according to source".

    Finger Muscle Testing Technique: 

    Demonstration video here >>

    To perform this method, start with the thumb and forefinger of one hand pinched in the shape of an eye.

    Muscle Testing Closed Position
    Then, use your right forefinger as a wand and insert it into the eye almost as deep as your second knuckle on your finger.
    Muscle Testing Yes Response
    Now, once you have formed a yes/no statement or question in your mind, state it and then use you use your right forefinger as a wand, lightly sweeping it through where your left hand fingers are pinched together. Like a sword sweeping through a joint where a twig meets a branch. You want to know if the sword will break through that joint, or if it will it stop at the joint because the twig and branch connection is too strong for it to break? You want to keep your left hand fingers pinched together in a strong but relaxed manner. Try not to let your mind interfere. Try to abstain from judgment regarding if the answer should be true/false, yes/no. If your finger is able to sweep through the connected fingers, like below picture, it is a "no" cause your pinched fingers muscles went "weak".
    Muscle Testing No Response
    If your finger does not swipe through (I usually move from left to right), then that is a "yes" response.

    It is not always easy to accurately muscle test oneself if one has an attachment to the outcome. With chakra's, sometimes if you feel stumped with diagnosis, take the pressure off yourself that you have to get everything intuitively "right". You can judge from certain information from part 1 if a chakra might had an issue and simply move to part 3 to techniques for clearing.

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